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for havergal May 3, 2013

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Havergal is a private high school. an all-girls high school (what a terrible place it must be…) but its a great place for me, since teenaged girls are my niche.

Whats left now:

-pack it all into the car. do this early since i am working on and off with baby vivian these next few days. (seriously, i have the best job ever)
-make a couple more  henna kits?
-sticker three bags of powder
-find ikea hooks
-file folder the print outs
-gather snacks and change
-finish banner
-little basket for cotton balls

mentally packing.

7-10 henna kits ($40)
henna packages ($20)
25 grams henna ($5)
two pattern books
tray and mung beans (wash that tray though)
balms ($7)
bowl for tester balms
paste for sale ($15)
aftercare sheets
and cotton balls
hamsas ($30 big, $20 little)
charms ($30)
business cards and their bowl
postcards of henna bellies
Something to make multiple layers – cardboard boxes, tins
crib side panel for hamsas?
frame for hamsa sign
the actual hamsa sign
signs for – balms, cones, henna powder, charms, and pricing
money apron
snacks, water
jars. yikes, forgot about those.
tie the charms on their clips, bring hooks to hang them. five charms.

to do (considering that i will be at a birth tomorrow that’s likely to take all weekend, i dont actually have a lot of time left)

ask my mom about chairs, and pick them up from her place.
split up a couple bags of henna into more smaller 25 gram packages. sticker on these packages.
finish banner (i crazy-glued my fingers  together so many times)
sticker 3 bags of 100 grams henna
possibly make some more henna kits.
put together the henna patterns books.
locate and wash the tray.
print all the sheets – aftercare, instructions for kits, file them.
paint and ‘henna’ the card bowl
write, print and make all the signs – balms, cones, powder, kits, hamsas
grab change
tie the rings to the charms, locate those ikea hooks

holy shit this is a lot. for such a tiny thing!

scared of running this first one alone.


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