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clients April 26, 2013

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“Hi Kyla,

We are just waiting on one more doula to interview on.  so far, you are our favorite doula.
Are there 2 reference couples we can call to ask about their experience with you?”
apparently I’ve got something special going on.
today i:
– did a lot of organizing and writing up things on the computer for henna booth. got together some henna kits.
– went on a whirlwind of tidying up and made a giant long list of things to get to, and get to some of them. not even most of them. only some.
– took c to school, then but b to bed. then got out my library movies, which this week is a selection of those low-budget kids movies about teenage girls and horses (you know that niche – there’s a million of those movies, all the same, sweet and unrealistic with bad acting and an overly personified horse, completely predictable plot line, “bad guy” horse trainer who’s out to get the main girl, and a good dose of heartbreak.  and a silly soundtrack) and picked one to watch while eating lunch and drinking cold tea (it was hot when i made it this morning….. alas, babies). yes, i get these movies from the children’s section. that’s about the only part of the library i get to see.
– now b will be up soon and jim is picking up c from school. i wanted to finish the hamsas but that didnt happen.
i like this life of doing whatever i want, whenever i want. want to make up some henna today? do it. want to watch a horse movie geared at 8 year old girls? done. my plan is to continue this sort of life, with henna and doula-ing and supporting mothers, babies and families as long as possible.

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