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April 5, 2013

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got up early and went downtown to meet a high schooler who freecycled her cell old cell phone holsters to me. came back, everybody still asleep. now when i am on call my phone can be actually on my body, instead of me trying to mentally keep track of it all the time.

i don’t like waiting this long without knowing if i got that spot at the market or not. i’m starting to collect some small things together. thinking of ordering henna in bulk, but not sure where to keep it since it needs to be frozen. my moms chest freezer i guess. my plan is that i get the spot and it becomes a great success and makes me lots and lots of money and new relationships and makes lots of people very happy with themselves. who knows.

the more i think about it, the more i really feel like i’m going to need someone else there with me to handle the table with me. especially now because jim got a job teaching a class this summer and he’s teaching tues evenings from 7-10 (who wants to spend their summer evening doing three hours of calculus? tough crowd) its ‘last chance calculus’ too, which means its for people who failed the first time. ANYWAY my point is that the market is from 3 -7, so now theres a gap in between of about half an hour or so where he needs to leave and i am in the park. i think part of the job description of ‘booth babe’, as its called, is to take my girls to the playset for half an hour at the end of the day while i pack up. not a bad job, really.


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