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April 1, 2013

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snuggled a baby ferret today. really tempted to go back and buy him. the guy at the store said he was a sweetheart, much nicer than the one they had in last time. very docile and quiet. he even put up with blaze wrapping her fat hand around his neck and squeezing it hard and squealing at him. my girls took turns with poking him in the nose and eyes and screeching in delight. reallllly hard to put him back in the cage after that.

im working on jim. i know that i dont actually need his permission to get a ferret, but since he is part of this household i feel like its probably a good idea to get everybody on board. i says if i want to snuggle something soft and warm, we have two kittens and blaze. he says, a couple more years once the girls are bigger and we can count on them not getting hurt/hurting the ferret, he’s good for it. i say BUT THAT ONE WAS SOOOOO SWEET.

in the meantime, i shall leave open cute youtube videos.


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