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selkie dress April 30, 2013

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The risk is creating a dress thats too fancy for me to wear anywhere.


anyway, i bought the fabric for this yesterday.


because you need to hear more from me today April 28, 2013

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heres a nice song. we’ve been playing it at lot recently.


found it in the garbage

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somebody on our street was sending it out of their house

so I carried/dragged that sucker down the street and adopted it into our kitchen.


DEFINITELY not pinterest worthy, but it’ll hold some large things like ice-cream maker, wok, blender, and my giant-ass collection of painted jars.



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spying on the neighbors.


helping me cut and roll cones. she likes to “hold the cones so gently”



packing henna kits


clients April 26, 2013

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“Hi Kyla,

We are just waiting on one more doula to interview on.  so far, you are our favorite doula.
Are there 2 reference couples we can call to ask about their experience with you?”
apparently I’ve got something special going on.
today i:
– did a lot of organizing and writing up things on the computer for henna booth. got together some henna kits.
– went on a whirlwind of tidying up and made a giant long list of things to get to, and get to some of them. not even most of them. only some.
– took c to school, then but b to bed. then got out my library movies, which this week is a selection of those low-budget kids movies about teenage girls and horses (you know that niche – there’s a million of those movies, all the same, sweet and unrealistic with bad acting and an overly personified horse, completely predictable plot line, “bad guy” horse trainer who’s out to get the main girl, and a good dose of heartbreak.  and a silly soundtrack) and picked one to watch while eating lunch and drinking cold tea (it was hot when i made it this morning….. alas, babies). yes, i get these movies from the children’s section. that’s about the only part of the library i get to see.
– now b will be up soon and jim is picking up c from school. i wanted to finish the hamsas but that didnt happen.
i like this life of doing whatever i want, whenever i want. want to make up some henna today? do it. want to watch a horse movie geared at 8 year old girls? done. my plan is to continue this sort of life, with henna and doula-ing and supporting mothers, babies and families as long as possible.

April 23, 2013

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whats left:
chairs (ask my mom, pick up this weekend)
possibly a different banner – finish this. black rope. (okay, white rope… there was no black)
Picture frames of henna? likely not…
print, fill two pattern books
a fixture for the charms
more charms (5 now)
don’t need clear line for wednesday
a sign for the hamsas (display them on the crib side panel?)
henna packages – $20 each for havergal, break it down into $5 bundles. these people have money. and they should give some of it to me.

print outs:
henna pattern books
instructions for henna kit
aftercare sheets

paint the bowl for the cards


tent and pegs
folding table
clear line for hamsas
folding chairs (from my mom?)
silver tray and mung beans for cones and balms
dish for tester balm
little cones for sale
(these will stay in my freezer and I will send kat home to retrieve them if i need)
all jars, one with feathers
picture frames of henna
two pattern books
henna kits
25 grams henna powder, business card, cones, carrot bag, nylon, balms, design sheet and instructions sheet of aftercare instructions $30 and a box for this
– branding stickers
– need to make 10 kits. (made 7 so far)
– new shipment of henna – waiting on this to arrive DIRECT FROM RAJASTAN. cool. (there is abosolutely nothing environmentally friendly about henna at all. We fly some powdered leaves halfway across the world, use single-use cellophane cones (which, to be fair, if they are true cellophane will decompose, but they are probably not) and sometimes cover it in plastic glitter. i make an effort to not waste any cellophane off the roll and to re-use nylons, elastics and carrot bags as often as I can before they rip, break or explode on me. but still, im not fooling myself….
wall charms – need more of these. $15 each? no more than $20 surely.
– hooks and clips

– little sign for hamsas

100 gram bags of henna – not for sale at the booth, but $12 a bag if anybody wants it.
alcohol and wipes
notebook for sales
money pouch
business cards
a thing to put the business cards on
belly blessing postcards
henna rock (just cause… you might need a rock, you know?)
ice packs
half-sheet henna aftercare
cotton balls soaked in lemon-sugar

small bags

as a bonus, if i miss anything, i can walk home to get it in about 47 seconds. this better fucking work out.

jim found our old orange plate in the basement. “i saw it and it made me think of your painted hamsas, its the same colour. think you could use it for your henna table?” very sweet. yeah that’s right, it’s this guy i get to snuggle at night.


April 21, 2013

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bought a tent today. actually, to be more accurate, my daddy bought me a tent. AND he drove me to the store and back again. $50. i bought a bucket full of chalk, since all our chalk is down to sad little nubbins.

may 14th. thats three weeks from now.

i need to organize:

banner thing (sew it, stencil it)
thing to get the bottles and stuff to the market
finish first batch of hamsas
a couple more wall charms and get clips and rings

IMG_2924 IMG_2926

a dish for cones
a dish for henna balms
mung beans
vase of feathers
signs, frames of info – black henna
henna kits, henna for sale
tree with scrabble tiles