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slightly weird dream March 24, 2013

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i love these dreams that are like strange sci-fi, fantasty books.

-i am a homless, sorta on the run, gang on the street kind of prson. little money, bad attitude, hard life. theres a group of us who all stick together-theres a tavern in the city thats known as a hangout spot tfor thse sorts of people. slightly sleazy, has been there forever
-we all go from job to job picking up a little cash when we can but mostly going without. so i try to get a job at this tavern, thinking it would be a good place to stay for a while sicne they are so welcoming with homless strreet gangs like mine.
-i get a job working downstairs. theres two girls who work here along with the head owner, a fat, ugly old lady whos super mean. she rules over her workers without any kindness. the two other girls who have worked here forever are about my age, and they are also hardened by this treatment. they are angry, miserable group.
-i dont really fit in here. its not what i expected. the girls start out friendly to me but they are afraid of the owner and they also have nowhere else to go so they have to put up with her to stay in work. this is not hte osrt of (world?) where women get jobs easily.
-the tavern is a sort of sketchy place that you wouldnt bring children or well-raised women. its for the lower classes. the very low class.
-as i work there i dont see the owner often shes is usually holed away somewhere, but i do catch the other girls here up to things that are suspicious. eventually (no idea how, apparently my dream didnt expand on this part) that they are all up to really bad things. dont know what they are. anyway, i dont want to work there anymore because i dont want to gt sucked in like those other two girlshave|
-the owner is a sorceress who has been running this tavern with tricks and illusions nad exploiting the people who come here. one example my dream brought up was that the wallsbetween the men and womens bathroom are an illusion, and men who knowthat can see into the womens bathroom. the understanding was that theres lots more of this around and people have been deceived and stolen from while they visit and eat here. the girls who work here knew it, one of them has fallen into that pattern and has turned hard and cold as the owner, the other isjsut in a bad place and cant get out of the situation even though she hates whats happening around her
-so i get fired because the owner and the one girl whos becoming like the owner get suspicous that i’m on to something. the other girl who just felt trapped reveals some of the illusions to me and shows me how peopel have been exploited, she thinksthat finally i can help her do something about it
-so them a whole bunch fo wierd dream stuff happens and suddenly i am back with my street gang. theres like 8 of us in the core group, and the undrestanding is that we pick up anybody whos passing through and take care of them while they stay in our city, so our group numbers fluctuate and right at this point we have aobut 13.
-i tell them about what i’ve seen and leanred and we all decide to do somthing about it.
-so we go to the tavern and whileits full of people, we announce that the owner has been doing this nad the girl on the inside reveals some of the illusions thateverybody has been believing for a while. the wall between the bathrooms reveals itself as being a fake. a couple doors on the wall melt away.
-the owner comes uptairs andhse is furious. she is a reasonably powerful sorcerer  afteral so shes starts to magically kick the shit out of everybody in the place. probably some people die. i dont know what happens to the girl who first revealed the illusions.
-my gang and i run for it. we run out of hte city but we arent sure how easy we will be to track for a sorcerer so we head for the forest in the north of the city. the city, it turns out, is now completely under attack from this mean scary old woman and shes destroying a large part of it. most of the city was illusions, she owned it all and ran it like her own personal kingdom, exploiting and controlling the behavior of most of the people. a lot of peole head for the forests to hide out. she cant destroy the forests.
-theres a guy in our group whos a psychic and behaves like a schizophrenic. he’s usualy quite unstable but has moments of clarity. he lives mostly in other places in his head but comes back once i na while to give us really important information. we’ve learned ot listen to him even though others find him too weird and don’t like him.
-theres a whole lot of animals that have escaped the city and ran for the hills as well. they start to come out from the bush. dogs and cats and some wild birds, a couple of goats. the psychic guy tells us that each of these animals has a purpose and they know what it is but we don’t yet. each of them wil pick one of us and we need to allow them to do so. (these aren’t the kind of people who have treated animals nicely in the past, nor do they want to be attached to anything or responsible for another life)
-the psychic guy is very much with us at this point, and as each animal appears (mostly they re strays in the case of the cats and dogs) he gives us the animals name and the animal walks up to a person of our group. the animals have weird names – the psychic tells us its the names that the animals were given at some point in their life, even if they have had many names since then. its the names they were first given, but it may not be the name that suits them or a name that makes any sense to us.
-a dark grey cat (smoke) sleek and large becomes my partner. straggly dogs, mutts, names like bear, quinn, dog – i didnt get to dream all their names.


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