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short notes of florida March 18, 2013

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-thegirls are having a shower together. they had a shower with dad, but now they are just singing and washing themselves and eachother and fooling around.
-most of our time spent at home yesterday, blaze walked around completely naked except for a pair of striped legwarmers. so damn cute. i love her tiny, round little bum.
-today we went to the zoo. its baby season at the zoo. baby elephant, baby spoonbills (who chose to nest above the alligator exhibit. not a great move. “Stop hitting your brother or i’ll push you into the aligator pit!”) baby stork (aka baby dinosaur. this is one of those like 5 ft tall, dangerous, grumpy storks. not the nice ones from disney movies). baby okapi. if you remember from lat years visit to the zoo i posted a pic of a okapi and said “i think this one is pregnant” well she was. baby boy,, jan 6.
-wild manatees. manatees are critically endangered so this was amazing to see some of them before they are all carved up by power boats and disapppear from the wild.
-people here have very, very low standards of food.
-a lot of low income, probably a lot of poverty in this area. food stamps.
-sleeping next to the ocean.
-I bought a cheaply made indian-style anklet, thte one that has like 30 tiny silver bells that chime as you move. it matches my fading henna. it donest quite match my bold personality. as in, im hardly bold enough to wear it. people might hear it and look at me. scary.
-baby squirrel monkey at the zoo, causing trouble with te adults in the exhibit. bouncing all over thte place, pulling tails, flying awaym teasing likely playmates into  games of chase
-blaze swimming. she is abosutely fearless. she swims with a pair of water wings and she will not allow you to help her or hold her or touch her. if you go near her she yells “no! BY MYSELF!” and takes off in the opposite direction. this child is not even two yet, i wish you could see her swim.
-i havent seen dolphins yet.
-sunsets over the ocean
-the sorts of fun things that come up on the waves and dry out thee beach. like a perfectly preserved box fish
-the octopus  at the aquarium who was tending a clutch of probably hundreds and hundreds of eggs . keep it up momma, home stretch.
-public gardens. Peeking at the wedding that was taking place there
-cordelias “adventures” where she leads us on a make-believe journey and we see make-believe things on the way
-The anoles that are all over the place here. a rustle in the grass? anole. a flash of brown across the sidewalk? anole. something scampering up the tree? anoles.
-the primate sanctuary. cordelia holding a baby gator.
-being three feet away from an adult male orangutang
-blaze being scared of a tortoise
-really liking my dreads  recently
-people here not used  to seeing dreads. especially not on a woman who has osme baibes in tow. not fittting the dreadlock stereotype here.
-the truly atrocious tv for both adults and children. its probably not much beter in toronto, im just not used to having cable at all.
-waaay too much icecream, fudge and various junk food.


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