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part two! March 18, 2013

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– a blue elephant scarf from the gardens
-blaxes sweaty head snuggled on my chest as she naps in the carrrier
-sneaking in a cuddle with cordelia while she is sleeping (she doesnt cuddle me anymore. she saves her cuddles for her dad)
-the fact that the girls are small enough to sleep on the floor of te walk-in closet still (iits a very big walk in closet. very, very big. we made a towel and blanket nest on the floor, its like a fort now. it means that they are sleeping in the big bedroom with us instead of down the hall, too far away.)
-the local oranges
-the care and effort that goes into the bird sancutary.
-the babies at the bird scantuary – pelican eggs, baby fuzzy night herons and blue herons. the baby who tumbled from his nest while we were watching, all fluff and down with awkward legs and huge beak.
-blaze patting a goat today, which farted. she was scared of the sudden noise and started to cry and back away. she backed right into the other, bigger goat, which turned and snuffled her hair. this made her cry much harder and call “mama! mama! goat! mama!”. i laughed a lot and pushed goats out of the way and rescued her from goaty doom.
Tomorrow we ar on the hunt for the best key lime pie.
-giant tortoises. we have seen quite a few at various places
-the hawks nest on top of the streetlamp
Playing with the girls at the childrens museum. really, toronto? you cant find it in your heart to have a childrens museum? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? you need one. i can’t imagine why the states get to have them all. I THINK theres one in albera. seriously toronto, if any place is going to have a childrens museum, its oging to be you.
-going to the bthroom at the children museum and leaving jim and the girls playing in the vets clinic section. then when i come back they have moved to the big boat and are all wearing lifejackets. what a sight. jim crunching himself into a slighty too small wooden boat and teaching the girls how to pretend
-the girls learning and sometimes tolerating holding hands.
-cordelia finding the weird strap thing on jims jeans (i think its where you hang your hammer or paintbrush) and thinknig its probalby a handle just for her. she holds onto his jeans and walks around with him. i need to sew this strap onto all of his pants. anything to keep that girl closer to us.
-on that same thread, loosing cordelia multiple times in the bookstore. did she care? no. she has no sense of boundaries. she was just boldly wandering around doing her ownthing, people are starting to wonder who this free-ranging kid belonged too…
-cordelia putting herself to bed on a blow up air mattress made for floating on the water with. Its green. shes decided its her special place. she foound it in the closet within hours of coming here the first day. seriously, do you know what my girls did the first day they were here? they went through every closet and cupboard and door they coould find together, inspecting the contents and pulling out anything that looked interesting. this means all the pool toys, any excercise stuff, and the stuff under the sink that should probably not be kept under th sink

-we are maybe goingg to the greyhound racetrack tomorrow.i its fun when you re little cause its all “oh hey there goes the rabbit! look at the dogs! Oh the brown one! oh the grey oh yay!” but when you start to get older and more aware of your surroundings, you see that its actualy a sleazy place full of sleazy gambling people. then you dont really want to go anymore. i want a greyhound. whould it be wise to adopt an ex-racer less than 24 hoours before we are supposed to fly home? maybe i’ll go look that up now and see what hte policices are for taking dogs out of the country…..

All typos are due to the fact that typing on a tablet is A PAIN IN THE ASS.


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