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57 reasons why my nearly-three-year-old may be freaking out March 8, 2013

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her sleeves are caught in her snowsuit
her pants are caught in her snowsuit
her hair is caught in her snowsuit
her hair is too long
she can feel her socks
her socks aren’t the right height
her pants aren’t tucked in her boots correctly
only one pant leg is tucked in her boot corectly
somebody is walking in front of her and shes not ‘first in line’ even if she doesn’t know where we are going
her sister is ‘first in line’ even if they are not going to the same place
her sister got to ride in the grocery cart first
the pasta takes too long to cook
theres too much visible cheese on the pasta
the bowl is wrong
the fork is wrong
its the wrong chair
she has clothes on
somebody is sitting i9n ‘her spot’ on the couch, even if she had no plans to go sit there herself
her sister tried to play with a toy she was not authorized to play with
her sister did not follow her instructions even if those instructions were not spoken out loud
there is too much peanut butter
the jam went on the wrong side of the bread
the apple is peeled incorrectly
the cat is in the way
the cat wont chase the ball
the catwont eat the cat food
the cat wants to eat the cat food
the sticker wont stick
the crayon is the wrong colour
shes not allowed to climb on the table
neither is her sister, and shes gonna do it anyway
her sister got there first
the pants aren’t on ‘right’
shoes don’t just fit either foot but rather have a right and a left.
the cup is the wrong colour
her sisters cup is the wrong colour
she spilled something
she spilled it on her clothes
the car seat is weird
we didn’t bring her ‘packpack’ even though she didn’t ask for it
her sister sang the song with the wrong words
something is in her bed
something is missing from her bed but she can’t name what it is is
you turned the lights on, but not specifically for her. turn them off, but this time turn them on and make it clear that its ‘for her’
theres too many bubbles in the bath
her sister in in the bath too
he sister isnt in the bath
the towel is the wrong colour
her sisters towel is the wrong colour
the DVD takes too long to start up
the cat went down the stairs
the car ride is taking too long
when you turn on a song she asked for, its the wrong song
its going to continue to be the wrong song so long as the music player screen isn’t visible.
mom answered instead of dad when she asked dad a question
mom said anything at all


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