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March 1, 2013

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Is this really the life i want? Sitting at home all day, “working” from home, so its called. So far that isnt meanong very much. Building my doula business, working on jims illustrations (which i suppose is saving him quite a bit of money, even if it doesnt feel like its very productive” and printing off pattern sheets for the henna heals event tonight. Hthe doula business thing is really just going around in circles. Thats what it looks like to me.

Need to clock in one more birth soon, will take a volunteer birth if i need to. One more to fulfill the certification requrements. Im hopibg that there are good things coming soon, like a successful henna booth and running some workshops at the cafe. Its a hard, slow way to make a career. The butcher shop was fast money. Maybe i will just be staying home being a doula and an artist. That feels like the easy way out, thars not what happebed in my house ever. Inam doing absoutely nothing compared to how juch i saw them work, abd how much threy still work now. It feels so lazy, taking this cushy life living off somebody elses income for so long.

Ive always been pretty determined to never end up stuck in a job i didnt like, like my dad was. Just doing it cause you have to when its making you feel so yucky. I cant resign myself to that – dont want to go anywhere near that black hole trap.

The typos on the tablet are very common and its way too juch work to go back to correct them. the stulys calibration is off i think, at least for typing.


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