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February 23, 2013

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i am rolling this weekly market idea around in my head constantly. the organizer of our local market hasn’t got back to me yet, but in my head i am seeing my hypothetical booth come together.

this staying home thing is starting to get easier as the girls get a little bit older, and a little bit older, and a little bit older. now i actually have time for myself to do things i want to do. these days, i feel like my life if full of all sorts of creative outlets, which i need, and also a lot of time playing around and being silly. i feel more motivated, less tired, and not everything is so damn hard. though i attribute that to my new ‘get my brain back in working order’ plan.  how many times can you hide behind the gauze curtain and then come running out, tripping on your way and yelling “booooooo!” ask blaze. i stopped counting.

yesterday, we did a lot of this.



and had three baths in one day.

today shes not feeling so playful. most of the night she whimpered and cried, and then in the morning the only place she was comfortable was squashed right down the side of the couch, between teh back and me, snuggled fiercely as close to me as she could get and watching tv. we watched one of those old BBC eyewitness documentaries about cats. no fever and she can’t tell me if anything hurts, she just feels shitty. ANYTHING can set her off into fits of sobbing. a cat in the hallway made a loud noise – sobbing. cordelia climbed up and sat too close – sobbing. the cheerios spilled on her lap – sobbing. momma shifted her weight. clinging and sobbing. we went to the market and i hoped that a change of scenery and a busy atmosphere would help her stop moping around, and it was okay so long as i didnt put her down. i was wrestling with the bags in front of zachs table and zach was talking to someone else, caught me out the corner of his eye and cut off his conversation “excuse me, i’m just going to hold this baby for a sec so her mom can get her veggies, can you come and see me blaze?” – sobbing. damn blaze, why must you sob at zach? we don’t sob at someone as awesome as farmer zach. its the rule.

jim is out right now with coco and he is buying hog casings and curing salt. both for different projects. seems to be that he will be making bacon in the closet after all. dont know how that ones lipped by me – he’s been talking about it every day and slowly i got used to the idea and now apparently its happening? i guess i wasnt paying attention. good tactic buddy. we talked to farmer zach today about ordering a huge chunk of one of his hogs, he says “call me, we can work something out. they’re going in in a few weeks anyway!” so this is jims new project. turning our closet into a meat locker.

this is mine.

IMG_2574 IMG_2575

an old pickle jar and some glass paint outliner. makes for candle holder? vase? lantern? whichever. now i know what to do with my stash of freecycled baby food jars.


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