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im done with retail February 19, 2013

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Ive been thinking of going to the farmers market with a henna table this summer. Im not sure if this is a good idea, but i know that if any other artist were to get there before me i would be mightily ticked off.

I feel like the markets with the actual farners would be a hard place to be because the people shopping there for food, i would have to be at a market that was also seling jewely, crafts, soaps etc – not just vegetables. Its got to be a very busy place, lots of kids, and probably a touristy place too.

Then i askdd the henna artist facebook page, they said that markets are very sucesful for a lot of people. Hmm.



Curtains -sew these


Folding table

Couple folding chairs

Curtains to hide posts – sew those too

Tablecloth – sew it

Bunting – sew it.

Cooler, henna, glitter, spraybottles

Patterns books

Cards, card holders, colou photos,



Henna pashminas and balms

Vase of feathers, insense

necklaces, henna cones and powders for sale

And probably a booth babe. Its seriously what they are called. Kat? Im looking at you.


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