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mama doing February 13, 2013

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blaze got up from her nap and came to sit with jim on the couch and eat a cookie. “mama… doing?”
j: “mama is making curtains. for your window.”
b: “mama…. flowers.”
j: “yes theres flowers. its going to go in your room.”
b: “mama big cut!”
j: “yes mama is doing a super big cut with the scissors! shes cutting the flowers to make curtains.”
b: mama cut! mama cut!” mama doing!”

then jim lined up his torn jeans again besides the machine. “while you’re at it…. could you fix these again?” it is well beyond the point where i can keep fixing these jeans. how old are they? i don’t dare ask. the integrity of the fabric is gone, its not something i can save by continuing to patch it over and over. maybe i could get him to go get a couple new pairs if i refused to fix these old ones.

i came across a good way to think of all these rather ‘domestic’ tasks that some people view as a little too domestic and even as a sign that women are still kinda repressed with these womanly things – knitting, sewing, baking etc. a lot of women just wont touch these things because they aren’t skills that they feel we should still be doing anymore because of the places they came from and what they represent. anyway what i found was “if the thing you are doing will help you out in the zombie Apocalypse, its probably useful.” by that measure, sewing will. probably be helpful .if you want ot get specific we can ask if there will be electricity during the apocalypse, but if not i suggest we all learn to stitch by hand cause my machine wont do shit for you at that point. curtains? not really.


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