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January 11, 2013

Filed under: Uncategorized — springtwist @ 1:08 pm

cordelia was telling jim this morning that her vagina hurt. she told him a few times, jim talked to her about it to try to diagnose the issue a litle bit more. we feared a urinary infection.

then she went and a had a huge poo. apparently it was a record-breaker, so i’m told. she was very proud.

then she told jim that it wasnt her vagina, but had apparently been her bum that was hurting, and all she needed to do was have a huge poo. now its all better!

then she spent a long time singing about it. she made up the song as she went, singing loud about how her bum hurt but then she went poo and then she felt better and how dad helped her wiped it……

its very strange to think that this weird little creature is going to one day be an adult human being, who probably wont sing about her huge poos.


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