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November 14, 2012

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successful morning. turns out im scared of the teacher, and not at all by the kids. she kinda looks like my grade 5 teacher ,who was a complete bitch and seemed to have it in for me.

scrabble tiles – this glue sucks. i can peel the bails right off the backs. i dont want to keep fooling around buying more and more glue to test it out, i think i will change tactics. get an itty-bitty drill and some itty-bitty eye-hooks. need to make a sign for these guys? probably not. its obvious what htey are.

cards- these are so striking and pretty that i dont actually want to sell them. i need to make a little sign saying these are hand-drawn and made of bamboo, sustainable resource etc etc, cause people like that. will price match them with jenns cards so we dont compete.

canvases – the cards are working so nicely i think i will just use the same technique for the canvases. easy. not sure how to display them, probably just dollar store picture stands.

pashminas – my dad is going to make me a stand for them cause he is awesome. i have five right now, i think thats the minimum. i’ll see if i can get five henna’d in time. maybe toss in another later on, but its starting to rack up. people better buy this stuff.

balms – done. need a sign for them, need to print tiny little ingredient lists and get the plastic baggies.

need to make some pretty henna cones out of that blue polka-dot mylar, and mix a batch of jamilla. i will sell it to people. need some hemp and an instruction sheet, aftercare sheet, and pattern sheet. for the henna cones, i can use paper.

a couple cones of my own for people who want some henna on their skin today. a pattern book? i guess so. this table is getting crowded. a “the artist is in!” type of sign.


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