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November 8, 2012

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steamed beet greens, scrambled eggs with goat cheese and smoked salmon. the apartment is a shithole, but at least we know how to eat. im trying to lessen my consumption of wheat products, i feel better if i dont eat them.
my favourite way to eat greens these days is steamed, with that AMAZING olive oil that barb got for us from italy, and lemon and sea salt.

so my application went in the mail, i have a craft show to go to on the 1st. four saturdays from now. time to get my shit together, no? i have no idea what im doing, but its time to do it anyway.

im experimenting with henna on pashminas with some ‘not what i’d like to see’ results so far. henna on a canvas is easy. henna on skin is easy. henna balms – easy. and my mom suggested trying to sell my paintings as well which are all still stacked in her basement. i want them to go to someones house and go on a wall, instead of sit in the basement. my mom, who has done quite a few shows like this in her past selling my dads photos, says “just dont sell jewelry or knitted baby sweaters. that’s what everybody else will have. once i went to a show where literally everything was jewelry or a baby sweater.”

jenn, who needs an outlet and is so burnt out just being a stay-at-home momma all the time is going to sell her hand-made christmas cards. i dont know how she survives in her life right now with what shes got to handle, and with little support available. shes a supper momma if there ever was one. she’ll be the only one there selling cards, she should corner the market.

blaze just fell off the couch and smacked her face on a plastic toy, when i picked her up for a snuggle she wiped her tears and snot on my shoulder, crying, then reached her hand down my shirt and took a break from her snotty blubbering to say “boooooooob” its going to take me a long time to wean this one – its so much more than just milk to her. shes cutting some teeth right now, shes sad and teary with bright red, swollen cheeks. theres a lot of “mama, boob. mamma? mamma? boob!”

now shes using my shirt to pick her nose. these are the small print things i didnt know i would be subjected to. its a slow undoing of everything you thought was true – your boundaries, your own limits, what you are capable of – both good and bad… everything. im definitely not the same person i was before.

i think my henna business is called saffron and jade.


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  1. heather.cann Says:

    I have a whole ton of things to say to you, but just for now – love the name. Also, love you as well. Excited to accompany y’all to the ROM before too long.

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