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just found this picture again November 30, 2012

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I recall this in my mind when I’m having a ‘I can’t henna for shit’ day. Cause, you know, turns out I can.

Just maybe not all the time.



November 28, 2012

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we asked Cordelia what Jims hockey team should change their name to. she suggested “team we don’t fix our ovens.”

then we asked her for another name. she came up with “cat of the week”

I sincerely hope the team captain takes her up on one of these, so all season long people can say ‘wtf?” and he can say ‘our goalies two-year old named us.’

(for the record, the oven got fixed today.)


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things that need ot hpapen in near future –

-meet danielle at library

– adapt contract to introduce doula back-up care

-check out CAPPAS policies

-coordinate with danielle to write our team contract

-call lisa to give her PPdoula info

-finish pashminas

-make a big list of everything to go to show

-organize henna heals things that frances wants me to do – interviews, write mykaylas story. not all of it will go out this time



November 27, 2012

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one of the hardest things for me about having these two tiny people to look after now is that it slows me down. i really need to be moving all the time, constantly into something, six projects on the go at the same time.

this christmas show is feeding into this nicely. theres a pashmina spread out on the floor with some henna flowers scattered across it as if someone just dropped handfuls of flowers on its surface. the colours, once the henna matures properly, are dark gold.


once a time…. November 20, 2012

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“blazey, you sit, there! read the rabbit book. i read you the farm book! once a time, there was a sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep. oh! lets count them!  oh theres a horse! once a time, theres a horse! once a time, theres a dog! once a time, theres a pig! and a pig! and a pig! once a time, theres some ducks!”


Protected: November 19, 2012

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November 14, 2012

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successful morning. turns out im scared of the teacher, and not at all by the kids. she kinda looks like my grade 5 teacher ,who was a complete bitch and seemed to have it in for me.

scrabble tiles – this glue sucks. i can peel the bails right off the backs. i dont want to keep fooling around buying more and more glue to test it out, i think i will change tactics. get an itty-bitty drill and some itty-bitty eye-hooks. need to make a sign for these guys? probably not. its obvious what htey are.

cards- these are so striking and pretty that i dont actually want to sell them. i need to make a little sign saying these are hand-drawn and made of bamboo, sustainable resource etc etc, cause people like that. will price match them with jenns cards so we dont compete.

canvases – the cards are working so nicely i think i will just use the same technique for the canvases. easy. not sure how to display them, probably just dollar store picture stands.

pashminas – my dad is going to make me a stand for them cause he is awesome. i have five right now, i think thats the minimum. i’ll see if i can get five henna’d in time. maybe toss in another later on, but its starting to rack up. people better buy this stuff.

balms – done. need a sign for them, need to print tiny little ingredient lists and get the plastic baggies.

need to make some pretty henna cones out of that blue polka-dot mylar, and mix a batch of jamilla. i will sell it to people. need some hemp and an instruction sheet, aftercare sheet, and pattern sheet. for the henna cones, i can use paper.

a couple cones of my own for people who want some henna on their skin today. a pattern book? i guess so. this table is getting crowded. a “the artist is in!” type of sign.