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October 29, 2012

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amazing amazing amazing.

no surprise this study has been hidden by the department of agriculture. bet Monsanto doesn’t want people to know about this one.



“the island where people forget to die”

sounds like a perfect place to live.



October 26, 2012

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 Not sure where you will be on December 1st, but you were such a huge hit at our Walk and Rollathon in June, we wondered if you would be able to participate in our annual Holiday Bazaar and Crafters Market?  It is a really fun venue, and we have some of the same things as we did in the summer, but on the 3d floor we hold a crafters market with crafters from all over with a myriad of products for sale.  It is also Family Appreciation Day.
We were almost wall to wall people last year, and this year we expect it to have even better attendance. 
It would be lovely to have you join us.  We would expect you to keep half your profit and perhaps donate the other 1/2 to IGGH’s fundraising campaign.

looks like I have a business in henna, only I didnt know it yet. a business building right up under me without me seeing it. maybe i should catch up and give it a real name and make some cards.


October 22, 2012

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very sweet.



a stop-motion movie made with a giant crocheted quadrapus (!!!!) for a music video.



some more great things October 21, 2012

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a new bird-friendly, urban-sized turbine


a man uses google earth to find his home, where he disappeared from when he was 5.




just tell me who to write the cheque to

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prevent all future extinctions with $11 per person.



October 11, 2012

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rain room


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just booked the kittens for their coming of age procedure. for Corvus, its times to nip off those pompoms that have been causing him a little bit of noticeable frustration recently. bindis really tired of his sweet-talking. aka:  outright harassment and confusion of which section of her body he should be paying attention to. is it her butt? maybe, its her side? could it be her face, prehaps? maybe the ear! maybe i’ll try this out while shes trying to eat her dinner? oh, no, she didnt seem to appreciate that. when he cant get it right, (and she swears at him under her breath and chases him off) he is pissed and charges around attacking things and crying loudly. bindi, i think that would annoy me a lot too. get it straight, buddy. theres a time and a palce and a correct way to go about wooing a lady. unfortunately (or maybe fortunately0 for you, corvus, we had pre-arragned to have you taken out of the game early, before you got it sorted out. mats is perplexed and stays out of it.

anyway we dont want any unplanned, teenage incestuous pregnancies. cats dont know how to have safe sex.