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September 17, 2012

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going to do a henna crown tomorrow. thats one of these babies

so i thought that it would be a good idea to be wearing some lovely henna myself. so i got too tired, and rushed through a design, and made the henna paste a bit too runny – and as a result, i have a butt-ugly henna stain now that i just want to scrub off. well, fuck. i shall be wearing some half-assed artwork to the appointment tonight, and to the show. great advertising.

basically, this means that i should not be hennaing myself cause i never, ever like my own henna. two days later and i want to scrub it off.

i want to be able to do this

it’ll be a long time before i am that good. in the meantime, i continue to lie to myself about what i am capable of right now. my stain right now shows – not a whole lot.

i can see that i’ve come a decent way already, looking at some old photos. but this one that im wearing right now is certainly a regression.


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