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wtf facebook. September 25, 2012

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good thing i didnt change my name to mcgarva. you would have never found me.


September 22, 2012

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September 18, 2012

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and after all of that whining, today i did this.

she will be our model in the fashion show this weekend.


September 17, 2012

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going to do a henna crown tomorrow. thats one of these babies

so i thought that it would be a good idea to be wearing some lovely henna myself. so i got too tired, and rushed through a design, and made the henna paste a bit too runny – and as a result, i have a butt-ugly henna stain now that i just want to scrub off. well, fuck. i shall be wearing some half-assed artwork to the appointment tonight, and to the show. great advertising.

basically, this means that i should not be hennaing myself cause i never, ever like my own henna. two days later and i want to scrub it off.

i want to be able to do this

it’ll be a long time before i am that good. in the meantime, i continue to lie to myself about what i am capable of right now. my stain right now shows – not a whole lot.

i can see that i’ve come a decent way already, looking at some old photos. but this one that im wearing right now is certainly a regression.


September 15, 2012

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some neat things

reviving a dirty harbour with oysters.


if you dont feel like reading it, watch it on TED


September 14, 2012

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blaze loves curried okra. who knew?

we tried calling them ‘green stars’ to try to get corelia to taste one, but that was not happening. she would go so far as to agree that they were pretty, but did not want to have any physical contact with one.


Protected: how to use a dishwasher – illustrated guide September 13, 2012

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