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June 26, 2012

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-fix dreads. one by one, neaten them all up, get off the last of the elastics, decide what to do with them for the wedding.
-wash orange dress. get outfits organized for the girls. find shoes and makeup, just so i dont do what i usually do which is run around like crazy 20 minutes before we are supposed to leave trying to locate everything.
-do a shitload of cleaning
-have henna and patterns ready for sunday


June 25, 2012

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the village that time forgot


and an elephant that gets contact lenses



other new babies… June 22, 2012

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i picked up the kittens today. they are a brother-sister pair, about 9 weeks old. 9 weeks, i forget, is still super-tiny.

(apparently they were still nursing, which is irritating for me as they shouldnt have left mom yet. mom cries a lot for the other five that have already gone home. i am glad we took a pair so that they still have each other right now, i cant imagine what that would be like to go through such an experience.)

the black is not thrilled with cordelias welcoming. maybe because she keeps yelling “that kiki! that kiki!”

ater she patted him, she declared “kitten! it soft!”

she is sweet, quiet and shy.

this is a terrible photo cause i had to turn the flash on, but at least you can see them clearly.

i got them a baking sheet of cat litter, and the black took to it right away. he pooed, then took a long time to meticulously cover it up, then immediately dug it back up again to play with. oh, kittens.

theres no confirmed names yet, but im calling the tortie ‘bindi’ in my head right now. not sure if this is an appropriate or culturally-sensitive name to use.


first birth

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great experience, probably the most perfect first birth i could have done for a ‘first birth’ experience. took all day long, but momma has quite a lot of ‘stubborn determination’ (those are dads words exactly). mostly, she did it by herself with some massages and gentle encouraging from us, but she ran that show herself, quietly and in control.

baby girl is just shy of 9 pounds and the midwife had to haul her out at the end.

their close friend was with them, and at a quiet pause in the labour when we were all gathered around the tub, she said “i love the transformation that women go through, at some point they just look like little girls again. i look at her now, i just see her the way i saw her when i first met her.” and the midwife nodded and beamed, “i know exactly what you mean.” i dont know why that happens, but it does.

the next thing to happen is a complete retreat into your own body. i can look at momma and know that shes just not here anymore. i can hear by the way shes talking and how shes communicating with us that shes far, far away, deep inside herself, heavily rooted to her core.


Protected: thank you to my girls June 20, 2012

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this one first


then this


then this.



June 19, 2012

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this is so lovely.