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May 29, 2012

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we have reached that point in the summer where its hotter upstairs than it is outside. i dont think its even technically summer yet.

i basically spent the entire day with the henna heals team, and only a very short amount of time at home. jim was the stay-at-home dad today, while i went outside (i even wore a clean t-shirt!) and did wholesome, fulfilling things. i know that raising children is supposed to be wholesome and fulfilling as well, but sometimes its not, so its nice to not have to do it even though what i am doing instead is kinda supposed to be ‘work’ too. henna heals is going places, and pretty damn fast, too.

my doula training workshop was also so very lovely. its so great to be back in a school scenario, taking notes and learning and even sitting in hard plastic chairs. making friends with the other women there. i forgot how wholesome and fulfilling it is to just learn things that you are interested in – FINALLY i feel like i am doing something again.

cordelia told us her bum was sore (no surprise, bad rash right now) and told us that she wanted to tkae her diaper off. when i left for yoga she was playing outside in the back garden in a t-shirt, her tiny chapped airing out, drawing wihth chalk on our ‘worlds shortest and narrowest walkway’


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