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April 18, 2012

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i found an article open on the computer that’s from a blog written by a guy who writes about how to be a nerdy dad. evidently jim was reading it. heres a section.

“Save Against Adorable

Inevitably, kids reach an age where they have to bargain. about. everything. Everything. “Can I stay up 20 more minutes?” “Can I only eat five more green beans?” For situations like these, you can take the pressure and blame off by using 1d20 to handle the situation. (Once they’re old enough that it isn’t a choking hazard.) Tell them they can stay up for as many minutes as they roll on the dice. If they’ve been well behaved, let them add a “good behavior” bonus to the die roll. “Okay, you can stay up 1d20+3 minutes.” Not only are you rewarding good behavior and teaching math skills, you’re setting a nerdy standard.”


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