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the sequel to vulnerability March 31, 2012

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enthusiam rekindled

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The traditional program is ideal for women who do not have obstetrical experiences and for those who are looking for a change in career and interested in working with expectant parents and their families.

Labour Doulas in-training have two (2) years to complete and submit their certification requirements after purchasing the Certification Packet.


What you need to do to apply:
1. Register for a Labour Doula Certification Workshop (click here to view available workshops).

2. Complete the Pre-Workshop Study Guide (available here) and submit it to your trainer two (2) weeks before the workshop. Before entering the CAPPA Canada Labour Doula Program, applicants should have a basic knowledge of the following: anatomy of the female reproductive system and breasts; physiology of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding; definitions of medical terms regarding labour.

3. Prepare a list of childbirth resources available in your area and bring it to the workshop.


Traditional Program Requirements

1. Be a member of CAPPA Canada ($55.00 for a 1 year membership; rebates available for multi-year memberships). All CAPPA Canada certified professionals are required to maintain continuous membership. A lapse in your CAPPA Canada membership will result in a $50.00 reinstatement fee and all overdue membership fees must be paid. CAPPA Canada certified professionals who let their membership lapse more than 120 days must pay a $100.00 reinstatement fee plus all past due membership fees. NOTE: If a membership is purchased during a workshop, there is a $5.00 discount.

2. Enter the Labour Doula Certification Program by purchasing the Labour Doula Certification Packet ($35.00), available at our store (a proof of purchase is required when submitting your certification requirements). You can also purchase your Certification Packet from your trainer at the workshop.

3. Choose and read five (5) books from the CAPPA CLD required reading list (available here).

4. Attend a local breastfeeding class (ie La Leche League) or breastfeeding consultation as an observer/volunteer with an IBCLC (a proof of attendance is required for either choices – minimum of 4 hours – when submitting your certification requirements). Submit a 250-300 words summary of what you learnt (use Form B: Speciality Class Observation Form, available in the CAPPA Canada Certification Packet). If no class is available in your area, please contact CAPPA Canada for a substitute.

5. Attend a local childbirth education series as an observer (complete series). The class must be taught by a certified childbirth educator and must be at least 12 hours in total length (proof required). Submit a detailed outline of topics, time allotments, and media used (use Form A: Class Observation Form available in the CAPPA Canada Certification Packet). If no class is available, contact CAPPA Canada about a video option.

6. Attend three (3) labours/births as a doula. These births must be attended after completing step 4 (attending a CAPPA Canada Labour Doula Certification Workshop). For each birth, you must be present before or at the onset of active labour until the immediate postpartum period right after the birth. If a Cesarean birth is attended, it may only be used as one of your three (3) births.

  • Submit a summary of each birth, including a brief description of the labour, the role of the doula at this birth, the mother’s reaction to the labour and birth, the reaction of the medical staff to the doula’s presence and what you learned from this birth (use Form C: Labour/Birth Observation Form, available in the CAPPA Canada Certification Packet).
  • Submit copies of good evaluations from the parents, doctor/midwife, and a second attendant (nurse/ midwife). In other words, for eachbirth you attend as a doula, you must submit three(3) evaluations.

7. Submit two letters of recommendation from a certified labour doula, certified childbirth educator, certified lactation educator, certified postpartum doula, certified antepartum doula, midwife, obstetrician, or lactation consultant (IBCLC). One letter for a character reference and the other as a professional reference.

8. Pass the test on labour doula skills and knowledge. The test is an open book test and the answer sheet must be submitted for your final certification. An 85% passing grade is required. The test is available in the CAPPA Canada Labour Doula Certification Packet.

9. Sign and agree to the CAPPA Code of Conduct, Philosophy, Scope of Practice and Grievance Policy.

10. Submit the necessary fees for certification ($75.00*).

* Certification Processing Fee is due with the submission of completed Certification Application.
In the event a candidate fails to pass certification requirements, the candidate has up to one (1) year to complete the failed portions of the certification requirements. There will be no further processing fees. The candidate who exceeds two (2) year to complete the aforementioned portions of certification may be asked to re-enter the certification program and may incur additional fees.

Note: CAPPA Canada encourages its birth professional in-training to submit their certification requirements electronically. If this is not a possibility, the paperwork must be submitted by mail and NO ORIGINALS should be sent, only photocopies.


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theres another baby.

one of jims colleagues just had a baby very early yesterday morning, 4:48am. jim replied, “sounds like you had a long night”.

then i hopped onto his email and replied again:

“I had to get in on this too – Hello tiny baby! welcome to the outside! you’ll like it out here I promise.

and to mom – always remember that while tiny, fresh babies are pretty awesome, you are awesome too. This new little person will teach you just how strong you are.

(you guys should have a set theory seminar – babies addition where all the babies are invited)




the first thing i want to do is go and give mom a big hug. then i want to snuggle that baby and live through them a little bit, picking up on the crazy, bright, clean energy that a birth brings. pregnancy, birth and babies just absolutely thrill me. i have no doubt that i am headed in the right direction as a midwife/doula.

i think i may be addicted to pregnancy and birth. i want to do it again every time i see a new baby. yeah thats right – i want to do another of one those ‘this is the worst pain in my life’ births, of the kind that makes people cringe and ask “you had a baby at home – on purpose?” (cause honestly that’s usually the first question i get). i have never felt so completely, totally in touch with my body – so much so that i become only a body. you hear of people taking of those ‘out of body’ experiences – this is the opposite. this is as deep into your own body as you can go, until you are ‘out of mind’ instead. the world doesn’t exist much past about six inches away from your skin. i have such vivid, powerful memories inside this six-inch buffer zone, but i have no idea what was going on outside that radius.

how could you want to skip that with drugs? how could you want to miss out on that experience? why would you hand over your power to somebody else to lead you in your own labour?


erm, well, HAHAHAHA March 30, 2012

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the ROM sends me occasional emails, and i got one today. i read this far:



An Interactive Exhibition

Green Living Show

and then i laughed. im sorry – loblaw’s is presenting a green living show? did nobody QC this one?


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very lovely story



March 28, 2012

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whoo on the news.

i didnt get any camera time (i was hoping not to, so that was just fine for me) but im in the background, bent crookedly and totally immersed in giving my full attention to the henna in front of me. its unfortunate that they didn’t explain why there was henna available.



there was more news-type people there but i can’t find any resulting articles. Frances actually had a long interview on camera, but i don’t know who did that or where it ended up.


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more important articles