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February 27, 2012

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we went to the zoo today. cordelia is sleeping right now but when she gets up i mean to get a video of her retelling everything she saw.

mats came in to beg for breakfast this morning while jim was doing dishes, jim ignored him. cordelia took it upon herself to advocate for mats – she picked up his bowl, stretched it way up towards jim and said “mats! food! mats, more! mats, more!” so jim put the cloth down and they fed the cat together. when mats knew that ht ewas getting fed he wound himself around jims legs, meowing loudly. cordelia thought this was awesome and then spent the next 10 minutes walking in circles around jims legs meowing. then she widened her loop to include me and blaze, then she ran and got her stroller and drove it around and around meowing. this lasted all morning.


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