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beads – illustrated! January 30, 2012

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I have been waiting until I have a couple free, quiet hours to assemble my beads. and also waiting until I have it in my head what I want them to be like. And did some ‘looking at other peoples long lengths of beads’ kinda research on etsy. Which is delicious and, like everything on etsy, possibly dangerous to my savings account.

My mom came and whisked away both babies yesterday and so after some hot chocolate and a board game with jim, I decided that I wanted to make my beads come together finally.

So I got all the equipment…..

I have two strands of jasper. Most of the jasper is called ‘dragons blood jasper’ and its dark green, with flecks of red, cream, and brown. The second much shorter strand is called ‘fancy jasper’ and doenst have as much of a mottled effect, but each bead is nearly a solid colour (little bit of mottling cause you know, nature just does it that way). some beads are dark green, some are nearly entirely clear, one is bright amber-yellow, a couple are deep, deep turquoise. two are pale pink, a couple are silvery-blue. they are lovely. the rudraksha beads have been cleaned and oiled (they were very, very dry) and i picked one for this strand. not sure what to do with the other ones.

I have 101 jasper beads. So I saved one, and split the 100 between two bowls, making sure that the fancy jasper was evenly distributed between each set of 50. then decided where i wanted the acai beads and counted them out into each 50 as well. breaking the now dirty-and-starting-to-unravel piece of kitchen twice that my acai beads have been on was kind of sad. i was surprised at how i felt about taking them off their string, clearly they have become more important to me than i thought.

started to string them….

when i got to the halfway point i slipped on the rudraksha

by this point the girls had come home, cordelia had gone to bed and blaze, who doesnt sleep, had not. so i had some company.

once i strung them all on the cord, i started to work backwards and tie a knot between each bead. this spaces them out a little bit and ensures that if (when) the cord ever breaks, they won’t just scatter everywhere and i’ll loose them all.

finished the whole length. i nearly ran out of cord. if i were to wear this as a necklace, it would nearly reach my belly button. it loops five times around my wrist. its very long.

up until this point, all the photos had been taken at night in our badly-lit living room so you cant see the colours of the beads.

well, they look like this.

(jim calls the acai beads ‘vagina beads’, and he doenst mean this to be mockingly at all. if you look at the acai bead here you can see why)

i recommend you click on the photo to really see them up close.

i realized after i had finished it and when i counted, that i had actually coincidentally used 108 beads, so basically i just made a mala even though that wasn’t my intention. its kinda loosely based on malas (or any strand or prayer beads) except not for prayer. more like greek worry beads, except not just to fiddle with when im bored either. made for intention and reminders. made as a tool to try to keep me steadier and to come back to my equilibrium faster.made to try to keep my mind from wrapping itself up in some other reality and hitting that downward spiral.

from various places on etsy, these people are saying it better than me:

“Meditation beads provide you with a kinaesthetic tool to help you consciously take time out of your hectic every-day life to find a small space of stillness and inner awareness using prayer, meditation, affirmation or breath.”

“Whenever the mala is taken up, it automatically conditions the mind to the meditative state. ”

this was a lot of fun to make and i kinda want to make like seven more.


4 Responses to “beads – illustrated!”

  1. springtwist Says:

    maybe i’ll sell these on etsy too! (they are very much in fashion right now, and theres something like nearly 4,000 results that come with a search for ‘mala beads’.) i just want to make one for everybody!

  2. springtwist Says:

    in fact, looking through all the malas that are around, theres things like this one here “This is part of my earth meets glamor collection. I used brown mala beads, 8 labradorite beads, one crystal quartz to intensify the stones powers along with a pave diamond OM pendent. A very special necklace that is strung on stretch cord. This necklace is 24 1/2 inches. A beautiful statement piece. The labradorite stones will protect and cleanse your aura while the crystal quartz intensifies the power of all the stones. $240.00” which is ridiculous because malas were not traditionally made with special stones for special ‘aura cleansing’ properties and nobody gave a shit for the diamonds. also those religions and traditions that we’re/are using malas for meditation and prayer certainly dont need all the extra jazzy bits and special adjectives, this is definitely just a vouge mala. these ones annoy me. paying $240? whoever goes in for that has got to be pretty far removed from the traditional uses of any prayer beads, from any culture.

  3. springtwist Says:

    hahaha i have a new favourite: “This bracelet starts with a pave 6mm diamond globe surrounded by faceted aquamarine, faceted labradorite, faceted crystal quartz and grey mala beads. Part of my earth meets glamor collection!! This is a grounding bracelet with the aquamarine bringing courage and a sense of safety, labradorite bringing clarity and the crystal quartz enhancing each stones power. All stones tied in with grey mala beads from India. You can wear it alone or with another bracelet as shown. Do as your heart feels, its a beautiful piece. $135.00”

    first of all, ‘mala’ is the sanskrit word for garland. theres no specific ‘mala beads’ that make a mala a mala. oh goodness.


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