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January 18, 2012

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many times i have thought “i need to tie bells to cordelias shoes so we can always hear where she is in crowded places…” but it’s only been an idea. i figured that if i was actually seen with bells on her shoes i would loose ‘good mothering’ points.

in the market in the summer i said it outloud, “i’m going to tie bells to you kid,” when she charged off in a random direction with no thought as to whether or not she would loose us. (i dont think she cares, frankly) and the older woman standing next to me who overheard me, said “thats a good idea, i did it to my girl when she was that age.”

ah good. so maybe i wont loose ‘good mothering’ points.

then last week when i took cordelia to the ROM for the playgroup, the mother of cordelias little friend actually has bells tied to her toddlers shoes. i told her it was brilliant and i had been thinking about it for a long time.we discussed the positivs of this briefly, and one thing that came up that i hadnt thought of – it lets other people know that there is a thing right under their feet and they should pay attention to wher they walk. cordelia has been stepped on/knocked down so many time by people who dont notice she is suddenly nearly leaning on their legs.

so today i cracked open a couple of plastic jingle cat toys with a pair of scissors and stole their tiny bells. cordelia LOVES her new shoes. that cats are confused as to why she sounds like a toy. i may need to get louder bells as while these are clear, they may end being pretty quiet in a loud, crowded place.

blazey-chunk is indeed a chunk. she is 17 pounds and weighs more and is taller than like 80% of baby girls her age. cordelia didnt weigh 17 lbs until she was closing in at a year old. i cant believe that i’ve grown her, 99.9% all by myself (with the recent additional fraction of a percentage due to about a tablespoon of all the following combined: sweet potato, applesauce and banana, but i hardly think that those things have bulked up her thighs all that much.)

at 1 in the morning blaze was clearly distressed. she vomited, whined a lot in a special way thats totally different from ordinary whining and turned hot and pink. her fever that had been pretty low most of the afternoon came to 102, which is really the border line between ‘go to the hospital’ and ‘stay home and give tylenol’ in babies. we stripped her down to her diaper and i cuddled her in bed with a damp cloth tossed over her belly. nursing her skin to skin seemed to help, she relaxed and settled. a little while later however, she went being uncomfortable and miserable so i took her in the bath with me and she got a dose of tylenol, and then she started to perk up and come back to being her normal, happy, chatty dribbly self. she splashed in the tub and flirted with her dad and the rubber duck. she slept pretty well.

now the fever is starting to come up again – she is a tiny hot water bottle on my lap. shes so sleepy and cuddly. shes happy though, which means no cause for alarm. her behaviour tells me when i need to change tactics, but right now she is content.


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