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January 11, 2012

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i am amazed at the difference in blaze if i strictly knock lactose out of my diet.

i had a hunch since she was born but through some observation and then a stint around christmas where i went completely lactose-free for about a week and then slowly re-intrduced lactose again, we’ve been able to confirm that it is indeed, cows milk products that are the main root cause of so many of that tiny girls complaints. and the difference in her behaviour, her sleeping problems, her general disposition, her uncomfortable bloating and explosive poos and even just her mood seems to be strongly connected to cows milk. for instance, she goes to sleep at a normal time (and so, so do i) and stays asleep without waking up multiple times a night with gas in her belly that i can feel rumble around inside her if i put my hand on her skin (seriously she is like a shaken can of pop) and then sleeps until she is done sleeping and wakes up naturally instead of because she needs to have a giant gassy poo. we are all sleeping much better.

and totally unrelated but pretty neat idea, even if there are some clear fails at the moment:


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