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bottled water. December 27, 2011

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bottled water is bull.shit.


on a similar note: for the past two days i have taken to carting around with me a quart-sized mason jar full of tea. i’ve gradually fallen in love with quart-sized mason jars to drink out of cause they, well, hold a quart of water. i feel like i am constantly dehydrated, and this is likely true cause i’ve constantly got a small ravenous human being attached to my nipple drinking all my fluids. so i am drinking about three quarts of tea a day.


edit: i feel like i should include: bottle water is bullshit UNLESS your tap water is not safe, non-existent, etc…cause obviously that is the case that i feel that way. but i felt the need to make it obvious-er.


i read something yesterday about how someone who works in some sort of animal care place was ‘very much a carnivore’ when they started there, but then turned vegan after a short time becuase they felt like ‘if i am here caring for these animals, why am i eating others? (which is a worthy thought process, i agree,) and then said “and now i can go to sleep at night knowing that what i am eating is not harming any sentient beings!”

which tells me that you don’t know the first thing about how soy (or insertfoodhere) is farmed. i know that my soy (or insertfoodhere) is responsible for thousands of deaths of sentient creatures. i wish all you vegans knew this too, so you could all stop preaching about how wonderful you are.

theres something really attractive about buying half a cow, because i feel like i know exactly who’s death i am responsible for, and its only one death shared between me and some other family. i’d really love it if we knew exactly which cow, like if we could have a photo or something. i know that all the meat i will be consuming over the next year or so came from one ‘sentient being’. one life could feed my family all year. on that note, a plate of chicken wings really creeps me out. when was it that we could eat a plate of chicken wings for a meal? when there were way too many chickens around that all we needed was their wings? wouldn’t you rather have one life on your plate instead of six?


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