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December 11, 2011

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blaze rolls!

up until now, the only time she showed even any remote thoughts about rolling was when i would lay down next to her to nurse her in bed and she would get excited and turn towards me, mouth wide open, with enough momentum to rock herself onto her side. yeah, she’ll roll for a boob alright. thats why shes blazey-chunk.

this means no more parking her on the couch and walking off. things are changing. so. fast.

when rick said, ‘do you feel like going to the beach today?” i laughed and said ‘rick, its december! thats such a weird question for december!” but i was also the first to say “yes lets go!” so we all got into the van and went to the nearby beach (well, one of them. this is nova scotia, ‘canadas ocean playground’).

With the girls in snowsuits, looking like brightly-coloured (hot pink, for cordelia) michelin men, everybody else decked out in layers and layers, it was quite comfortable. blaze slept in her carrier and the dog tore up and down after a tennis ball, kicking up damp sand, fox-pouncing. jim pulled large sheets of ice off the top of frozen puddles and tossed them to the ground to shatter for cordelias delighted, giggling enjoyment.


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