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i see that i will have to write two books October 27, 2011

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this was supposed to be a guide to farmers markets, with a small, ‘pesticides 101’ section in the front. it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

the problem is that for all the work that i am putting into this research, i wont get very much back from it in a book that is about farmers markets in the GTA. but the more i find stuff the more i want to make shure that other people can access it too. people need to know that the majority of the studies that the government is doing on pesticides are funded by the wrong people, and the results have lots of room to be skewed. (c’mon, if the designer of the pesticide did a study that said ‘our chemical cocktail is dangerous,’ do you really think they would send that in to the government for review?) i was wondering how to draw the line at what was enough info, and think i needed to draw the line a long time ago. every time i try to look something up it leads to 10 more questions that i want answers for. its hard because i am coming to think that both sides are slightly stretching the info in whatever direction will help to back them up.the bottom line is that we know that pesticides are dangerous, but we arent sure exactly how dangerous and using them makes more money than not using them, so we’ll keep at it and make it look like its a good idea.

this wasnt supposed to be an ‘eating animals’ sort of in-depth, ‘years of my life in research’ sort of project, it was something nice to do while the girls were sleeping and i wanted something to accomplish that i felt was productive. i’ll have to write the ‘eating animals’ version afterwards, and keep this one from expanding out any more.



something that just came up that i didnt even think about before – reason number 39 for eating organic: pesticides are tested on animals. intentionally poisoning animals to see what happens.


3 Responses to “i see that i will have to write two books”

  1. swampmud Says:

    And you haven’t really even begun touching on herbicides or fungicides, have you? Or the chemicals that are deemed acceptable under organic standards? :)

  2. springtwist Says:

    in the chunk i’ve actually written i said that ‘pesticides’ was a sort of umbreall-term for all the other –sides, (since they are all various sorts of ‘pests’) so im using the term ‘pesticides’ collectively, for the most part. (i found a definition of the word pesticide which told me this was true and okay to do). but i havent started on ‘organic’ chemicals. i did learn that organic chemicals are much, much less regulated. as in, theres only certain chemicals you can use, but you can use as much of them as you want.

  3. springtwist Says:

    not exactly what we were just talking about, but these two are nice points too.


    and this one is good mainly for the comments section, where there are some actually useful, intelligent comments


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