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my new favourite October 25, 2011

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“OTTAWA – Canada is set to raise its limits on pesticide residues on fruit and vegetables for hundreds of products. The move is part of an effort to harmonize Canadian pesticide rules with those of the United States, which allows higher residue levels for 40 per cent of the pesticides it regulates. Differences in residue limits, which apply both to domestic and imported food, pose a potential “trade irritant,” said Richard Aucoin, chief registrar of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, which sets Canada’s pesticide rules. However, Canada will only raise its limits “where this poses no risks,” he stressed.

U.S. pesticide residue limits are often higher because their warmer climate means they are plagued by more pests, Aucoin said.”

yes well.

HAHAHAHA to that pack of lies.

we need a word that means ‘bullshit thats so amazingly, obviously bullshit that its not called bullshit anymore but we havea new word because its damn obvious that i cant even believe you’re trying to preach it to me.” where is that word.

JUST ONE THING: how is it that the US can say “this higher level is safe” when canada is simultaneously, “we know that nothing above this lower level is safe” (but were gonna raise it anyways?). its really hard to prove that something is safe. did you look everywhere? did you test everything? you are totally sure?

jim says, ‘wait, isnt this going to hurt canadian farmers even more? what do the conservatives have against farmers?” lots, apparently. hahaha ‘trade irritant.’ CAUSE WE NEED MORE OF THE US’S SHITTY FOOD.


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  1. swampmud Says:

    I hate industrial capitalism. And markets.

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