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the book September 23, 2011

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Oh No, It’s Frosh Week!
Is being made to line dance the best way for nervous strangers to get to know each other?

interesting point. i always skipped frosh week by a) going on a Caribbean cruise, b) going to nova scotia c) not bothering cause i didnt live on campus anymore anyway.

ANYWAY, about that book. its in my head again, greatly fueled on by it coming up in a discussion with jim last night. he helped me shape the very rough beginnings of how i would want this to be structured, what i want it to do and who wants to read it and what they want to read and take from it. i looked once again quickly online for a ‘eating local toronto guide book’ and google turns up websites about top-rated local restaurants, eating cheaply in toronto, articles about eating local wherever you are, and a pdf guide written by a grocery store about why you should eat their food. there seems to be nothing out there like what i have in mind.

the only problem i can see is that making it only about toronto may limit what i get returned to me – toronto is a big city its true, but of the people who would buy this book i think there may be too few. however i just remembered that jims grandfather has written an apparently awesome , comprehensive (even down to telling you which bus routes to take to get there) book about the best hiking and walking trails in vacnouver, which people are buying, and its small and city-specific too. http://www.greatwalksofvancouver.com/reviews/ so maybe mine would also work.

i just have to remember where the idea came from – too many people saying to me, oh, i didnr know there was a farmers market there!


looks kinda, roughly, tentatively like this:
why eat organic
why eat local
certifications and what they mean (if anything): organic, free range/free run, naturally raised, grass-fed etc
why small farms are organic but not certified (simply – its too expensive to go through that process)
markets in the GTA
info about each market: history, changes over time, vendors, what you can get, any CSA programs there
restaurants that use local ingredients
info about specific restaurants: history, general feel of menu, who supplies them
delivery box programs in toronto (CSA that comes to your door instead of you needing to go get it)
butcher shops who work with local farmers, same with cheese shops.
calendar of whats in season when

jim says i must take him on all of my field trips.

this is going to be MASSIVE and i dont really trust that i will pull it off.



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