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my kids shirt and diaper matches today June 9, 2011

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i guess she ate something out of the ordinary but i can’t think what that was, but man this girl has been a poo machine today. now she has a nasty rash all up her bum. doesnt seem to be bothering her too much, but its not very normal for her to get a bad rash.

went to jims parents house to put potatoes in the ground. we’ve been hanging onto these potatoes from the market since the winter as we couldnt eat that many potatoes fast enough and every time one of them started to sprout we put it aside and deemed it a seed potato instead.  now their little internal biological clocks are ticking and they are sending out long feelers and going soft and leathery.  theres a mix of at least three kinds, some are white, some are a pretty marbled red and purple and cream, the last are dark, ink-coloured blue-purple. it’ll be like an easter egg hunt to dig them all up again in the fall.

i took off cordelias diaper and she played on the lawn with some leathery potatoes just in her t-shirt, airing out her sore bum while we sorted out the garden and dug some holes. so what if she pees on the grass. actually, she pooed on the grass instead. no biggie – we hosed her down.


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